To the 8 of March and to all other days during the life

To the 8 of March and to all other days during the life

Inspired with International Women’s Day as an additional calendar opportunityNote at the same time; there are many other opportunities every day for that!

International Women’s Day is an additional calendar opportunity (there are many other opportunities every other day) to highlight and showcase women’s achievements and embrace diverse female voices of women worldwide. To that Day, we’re highlighting a few memorable quotes and insights from some visionary female leaders. It’s been proven time, and again that diverse teams produce better outcomes. It is not just about this year or this moment in time. It is about how each of us continuously is iterating and thinking about how we drive change for the long term.

CORIE BARRY CEO, BEST BUY: “We’re in a moment now where quick and decisive action is receiving positive reinforcement. Inertia has gotten us to where we are. If we start to embrace this momentum, change comes".

CATHY ENGELBERT WNBA COMMISSIONER: "For me, it’s important that I take calculated risks. The risk part is that every day do something that makes you completely uncomfortable – something that scares you – something that takes you completely out of your comfort zone because it is a muscle that you have to develop day in and day out".

LATASHA GILLESPIE HEAD OF GLOBAL DIVERSITY, AMAZON STUDIOS: "The most important thing we all need to remember is that inclusive inputs lead to inclusive outputs. It's really important to have perspectives that have been historically underrepresented or at the margins of the creation of AI and make sure we have inputs that actually reflect the diversity of our world today".

ANNIE JEAN-BAPTISTE HEAD OF PRODUCT INCLUSION, GOOGLE LLC: "You actually can’t get to being purpose-driven unless you’re comfortable being uncomfortable and potentially making mistakes. [We celebrate] our team through the lens of progress over perfection".

ADRIENNE LOFTON VICE PRESIDENT FOR NORTH AMERICAN MARKETING, NIKE: "I think the lack of representational role models is a huge problem because you cannot be what you cannot see".

ANDREA TURNER MOFFITT CO-FOUNDER AND GP, PLUM ALLEY: "I’ve tried to blaze trails my whole career. I don’t know if I had a particular goal in mind, but I certainly tried to do my best and to break whatever glass ceilings I could. My journey was to get a seat at the table and then to make a difference. If you have a team that’s only finishing your sentence and not shaking it up, you’re not going to grow".

ANN SARNOFF CHAIR AND CEO, WARNER MEDIA STUDIOS AND NETWORK GROUPS: "Our differences are truly our greatest strength. We talk about inclusive cultures, we talk about equitable cultures, but we know that it all starts at the top. It starts with leadership, it starts with a conscious mindset for change".

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